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Vineskills is a mutation mod for Nuclear Throne which adds 10 new mutations to the game, including 3 of a new type of mutation, quests.

Patch Notes [2.3]:

Fixes and Changes:

  • Nomad's Sole, Hyper Hunter and Perfect Storm all have new buttons/icons thanks to Peas (praise be)
  • Hyper Hunter's bonus IDPD damage increased from 33% to 50% and has a chance to give non-elite IDPD a heart attack (probably from eating too many donuts on the job), killing them instantly on spawn.
  • All quests now display their progress upon hovering over them in the HUD.

Patch Notes [2.2]:

Fixes and Changes:

  • Musicality no longer spews out numbers upon picking it (whoops, I had left trace(Musicality) in there for debugging!)
  • Elastic Tendons no longer makes your game lag to hell (thanks Saniblues for pointing out the fact that I was creating a CustomDraw every step)

Hotfix [2.2.1]:

  • Changed a tad bit of code so bad things don't happen in the future

Patch Notes [2.1]:

Fixes and Changes:

  • Error messages showing after exiting while having Elastic Tendons should be fixed (hopefully)
  •  Hot Pockets received a large buff. (see below for additional notes)
  • Musicality now works properly with Steroids (have fun with 'roids bullet builds!)

Additional Notes:

Hot Pockets Changes:
Hot Pockets was a pretty odd mutation due to it's RNG. Gamma Guts isn't often picked, so Hot Pockets was meant as a similar, more interesting mutation. However, it was inconsistent and didn't deal enough damage. The changes in particular are as follows: The rate at which the pellets are fired out has been doubled, and the damage of the pellets scales with level (at level one, 1 damage pellets, at level 5, 3-2 damage pellets, and 6-4 damage pellets at level 10). Hopefully, the mutation is put in a better, more usable state with these changes.

Patch Notes [2.0]:

Fixes and Changes:

  • Mucus Dermis removed (kinda broken and also replaced in usage by Elastic Tendons)
  • Seeking Bliss removed (Who ever picked this useless mutation anyway?)
  • Protomutant's blessing has a new icon courtesy of "Peas"
  • Pincushion Lungs now affects seekers fully

New mutations:

  • Gunpowder Piercings - Bullets have a chance to explode on death
  • Elastic Tendons - You slowly charge a blast that repels enemy projectiles upon getting hit.
  • Hot Pockets - Fire pellets will constantly occasionally spew out of you (they are affected by mutations that affect flame pellets too)
  • Musicality - Firing the same weapon within a moderate frame of time after reloading it reduces it's cooldown

Published Dec 03, 2017
CategoryGame mod
Tagsntt, ntt-skill


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