A downloadable RoA mod

Rivals of Aether Turbo Lightning Mode Mod, by Gemini7

This mod makes every move have no endlag, so you can instantly act out of anything. Endlag is NOT the same as cooldown, so projectiles aren't spammable to a dumb degree.

- Fixed a bug where Forsburn couldn't summon a clone.
- Fixed a bug that made Etalus unable to dunk people.
- Fixed a bug that made Etalus' DSpecial not freeze nearby players.
- Maypul's Dashes (SideB and aerial DownB) now actually have no endlag.

I know Etalus' FStrong still has endlag. This is due to hard coded stuff in the game, I think (I was unable to make it have no endlag)

Install instructions

1: locate your dev mode folder, which is probably at C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\AppData\Local\RivalsofAether\dev_mode\dev_ver_0.3\active

2. Extract all of the files in this folder (excluding this readme) into that folder.

3. In RoA, enable dev mode by going into local>Versus settings>dev mode on
3.5. If you want to use this in multiplayer, click the gear icon in the friendly lobby.


RoA Lightning Mode Mod.zip 39 kB

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